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Ted Brunetti Studio

NEVER AUDITION: "Prepare to work, not audition!" 


Virtual (Online) & In Person.

How To Learn Material;

Self-Taping; How To Get To The Next Level, and The Business of Acting


Virtual (Online) & In Person


("Prepare to WORK, not audition."). Renowned Seminar on the healthiest approach to your career. For All Levels.


Virtual (Online) & In Person for:

Advanced Professional,

Up & Coming, Beginner, 

Adult, Teen, & Children

Ted is proudly affiliated with these leading institutions.

Artists Ted has worked with include:

– Dean Carey, Founder, Director of Actors’ Center of Australia (ACA)
(Graduate and Patron Hugh Jackman)

“This seminar will transform the way you approach any casting or indeed conduct your career, forever…Ted’s unique and eloquent information means you will never audition the same way again. Guaranteed…

I believe there are only a few opportunities in one’s career where industry information such as this becomes a game-changer: this is one of those moments. Don’t miss out.”

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